Whether you have a rough idea or a clear vision the first part of the process is to clarify and confirm your requirements. Points to consider are the available space and any existing collections to be showcased. For example, a particular sideboard with measurements that may need to be taken into account when arranging the floorpan.

Once these and the finer details have been established with the use of sketches, pictures and plans the work can begin.


The buildings are constructed in 9mm MDF as this offers the smoothest finish and are extremely durable. Various other woods, card, plaster and resin are used to complete the process and all paint is from the Farrow & Ball range due to their outstanding quality and consistency.

A great deal of hand finishing is involved and this intensive process can require time to complete. Lead times for orders range from a matter of weeks up to several months, depending on the project.




As well as creating new houses I also renovate existing ones. You may already have a much loved dolls house that requires a freshen up or a complete make-over. This is a wonderful way to breath new life into a cherished heirloom.

Room Boxes can also be supplied and are a great way to enjoy the hobby when space is at a premium. These can be completed relatively quickly.